My interest as a painter lies in the complexity of human nature.  Using the subject of the human form for my painting practice, I draw on the particular importance of confronting a single subject within the context of an isolated situation and strive to reveal our human perceptions of identity in relation to our surrounding environment.  

Influenced by contemporary figurative painters, Jenny Saville, Tai Shan Schierenburg and Michael Borremans, I look to these artists for their treatment of paint and their complicated insight into the human psyche.  The German Expressionist artists also come into play within my practice regarding their continuing themes depicting overwhelming emotion and the isolation of their subjects from their surrounding environment.  I look to these compelling characteristics in my own practice and move away from the more traditional aesthetics of representing the human form to begin to break down and reveal the mental and emotional states of each specific subject that I choose to represent.  

Using the medium of oil on various fabrics, I paint in thin layers choosing to emphasis only what is essential to defining the form of my subjects. I then go into the painting defining and giving greater detail to what I feel is important in expressing the subject’s individuality and expression.  

I hope to continue to define the figure through abstracted colour, shape, and expressive line and in doing so, explore our daily interactions with each other and our environments.  What I hope to represent is a doorway into each other’s consciousness that reveals questions about how we appear and what we suggest to others.